About Us

Valuepoint Thoughtnet(VPTN) formerly known as Thoughtnet is a premier Educational Technology Products and Solutions provider in the area of Education and Development. It provides an array of solutions over its educational flagship technology product platform Pupilpod.

Valuepoint Thoughtnet has reached over 200 Institutions in over 3 countries including India. It touches over 500,000 communities on a daily basis. It is functional in various kinds of Institutions from Kindergarten, K-12, Colleges, Universities to Educational Board of CBSE enabling various processes in Education.

Founded in June 2008, Valuepoint Thoughtnet started with a dream of taking technology closer to people to make a difference in their daily life experience. Valuepoint Thoughtnet chose to focus on Education because of the need that it saw to create meaningful Educational Technology products and solutions for effective learning and development.

It also saw the need to engage all stakeholders in the education ecosystem and enhance their education experience through technology and Learning & Development solutions. As a result Valuepoint Thoughtnet is a technology company that enables the education and development ecosystem through technology products and solutions.

The name reflects our global presence as a full-fledged subsidiary of Valuepoint Group Of Companies. This name change allows us to incorporate VPTN’s corporate name recognition into our global education business activities. Our sales and operations today has become more expansive including Global locations, and include product lines beyond where we began under the umbrella of Former Thoughtnet Technologies.