Founded in June 2008, Thoughtnet started with a dream of taking technology closer to people to make a difference in their daily life experience. ThoughtNet chose to focus on Education because of  the need that it saw to create meaningful technology solutions for efflective learning and development. 

It also saw the need to engage all stakeholders in the education ecosystem and enhance their education experience through technology solutions. As a result ThoughtNet is a technology company that enables the education and development eco system through technology products and solutions.

ThoughtNet is focused on providing  solutions to Institutions and Consumers in the education and development space. It cateres to the institution business by providing solutions in the area of Learning and Development, Information Management and Collaboration between stakeholders. It provides an array of solutions over its flagship technology platform PupilPod.

PupilPod caters to any type of education institutions ranging from K-12 schools, Higher education to Training & Vocational institutes.

ThoughtNet provides solutions to the education and development eco system directly in a consumer-internet manner. This include websites for individual development, for institutions and for communities.

ThoughtNet believes in providing solutions to its customers by combining content and technology. Therefore  we partner with other content or education providers to create joint solutions.